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    Professional UPVC & Timber Framed Window Repairs in Felixstowe

    At Plastic Surgery, we specialise in repairing and maintaining UPVC and timber-framed windows for homes and businesses. Our team handles a range of issues, from minor glass damage to complete frame replacements. 

    Whether you need a small repair or a big replacement, we use quality materials and work efficiently to get the job done right the first time, which makes us the preferred choice for window repairs in Felixstowe. We offer free estimates for all jobs - just call us, and we'll assess your windows at no cost.

    Misty Window Repair Essex & Suffolk
    Old Windows

    Misty or Damaged Sealed Units

    When your sealed unit malfunctions, its insulating is less effective, leading to mist formation and reduced visibility. However, there’s no need to invest in entirely new windows – we can repair them, saving you the cost and hassle of complete replacements.

    Lock Repairs


    If your lock is wobbly or you’re struggling to unlock it, these issues can gradually worsen and might render your lock unusable eventually. We’re here to prevent that from happening. Our team can promptly fix your lock, improving its functionality and longevity, so you won’t need a complete replacement.

    Faulty Seals

    Hinges & Draught-Proofing

    The hinges, or friction stays, on your windows, serve several crucial roles, including supporting the windows, sealing them tightly, and preventing draughts. We can repair or replace them, ensuring your windows are draught-free and secure.

    Broken Handle

    Window & Door Adjustments

    Misalignment in doors and windows can be a significant issue, often caused by wear and tear over time. If attended to promptly, we can save you from the unnecessary cost of replacements. Our team can expertly adjust and realign your windows and doors, restoring their functionality and the security of your property.

    A Full Range of Window Repair Solutions

    Whether a small home or a big commercial building, our window repair services in Felixstowe can help. We know that every window is important in how your space looks and works, and our goal is to help it do its job in the best way possible.

    Home Window Repair Services

    We handle all types of window repairs, from broken glass and damaged frames to faulty hardware and drafty seals. We understand that even a small repair can make a big difference in how comfortable your home is. Our team is ready to fix all your window problems quickly and efficiently.

    Commercial Window Repair Services

    Fixing windows in commercial buildings needs a special approach. We know that even one broken window can affect your business. Our experienced team can fix all types of commercial window problems quickly, so your business can keep running smoothly, and your customers and staff stay comfortable.

    Special Service for Conservatories and Rented Properties

    Conservatories and rented properties have their own special needs and challenges. We understand these needs and offer special services to get great results without causing trouble to the tenants or harming the delicate balance of a conservatory.

    The Felixstowe Window Repair Service You Can Trust

    Choose us for your window repair needs and enjoy peace of mind. We know how much you care about your property, whether it’s your beloved home or your hard-working business. That’s why we offer a service that focuses on satisfaction, quality, and good prices. Trust Plastic Surgery to make your windows shine again – contact us today.

    Need urgent help? Our 24/7 emergency window repair service is always available. 

    Whether it’s a broken pane leaving your home exposed to the elements, or a jammed window compromising your building’s security, we’re ready to help at any time. Our emergency team arrives quickly, equipped to handle urgent repairs on the spot. We temporarily secure damaged windows to protect your property until a permanent fix can be made. This service ensures your safety and comfort are never compromised, no matter when a window problem occurs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our team aims to complete most repairs on the same day, depending on the complexity of the job. However, larger projects, such as full-frame replacements, may take longer. We’ll always give you an estimated timeline before we begin.

    We can repair a variety of windows, including double-glazed windows, uPVC windows, wooden frame windows, and more. No matter the type of window, our team has the experience to handle it.

    Yes, we offer window repair services for commercial properties in Felixstowe. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance and minimising downtime, so we aim to complete our work swiftly and efficiently.

    Yes, we offer emergency services for urgent repairs. If you’ve got a broken window that needs immediate attention, give us a call, and we’ll aim to get to you as quickly as possible.

    You can get a quote by contacting us with the details of your window repair needs. Our team will assess the situation and provide you with a fair, competitive quote.


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    Are you looking for high-quality, trustworthy window repair services in Sudbury? Don't let minor window issues snowball into major hassles. Get in touch with us today! Our friendly team is ready to provide you with expert guidance and quickly sort out your window issues. With us on the job, your home or office windows will be as good as new in no time at all.