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    Plastic Surgery offers fast and affordable window repairs in Colchester in surrounding areas.  We repair or replace drafty windows and blown window seals to stop drafts and clear up condensation.

    We also provide emergency window repair, full locksmith services for windows and doors - ensuring everything from alignment to high-security locks is sorted.We can help with any issue you may have, making sure every part works as it should.

    Your windows and doors could be like new (or even better). Let's talk about what you need.

    UPVC Repair Services
    Old Windows


    A sure fire sign of a failed double glazing unit. Condensation on the inside or within your window panes means that your double glazed unit is not performing to the required standard.

    broken windows


    If the glass in your double glazed unit has been smashed, cracked or shattered we can carefully remove it and replace with a new glass pane.

    Faulty Seals


    Faulty seals reduce a window’s insulating capacity. We can remove any old seals and replace with new weather tight seals to insulate your home.

    Broken Handle


    When your locks stick it can be frustrating and inconvenient. If left untreated, they can eventually break and become a security risk.

    Broken Frame


    When your window frame is broken: cracked, warped, faded or chipped, we’ll endeavour to repair it. If it’s not possible to repair we can install a new window unit.

    Not sure if our window repair service is right for you? 

    We can assess the issue and advise if a repair is suitable. We always prefer to repair when possible.

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    We specialise in UPVC window repairs, fixing drafts, upgrading locks and handles, and solving any issues that affect their performance.

    Our services also extend to door repairs, keeping your home secure and comfortable in all seasons. We operate in Colchester and in surrounding areas like Clacton, Maldon, Dedham, and Braintree.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Plastic Doctor offers repair services for windows and doors in Essex and Suffolk. We also cater to landlords and letting agencies who need to resolve issues with existing windows and doors on void and let properties.

    The Plastic Doctor can fix a variety of problems, including windows that won’t open, misty or broken glass, faulty hinges, leaking conservatories, jammed or improperly functioning doors, faulty locking mechanisms, broken hinges, letterbox or handle problems, and draughty windows.

    Absolutely, we can replace worn seals or rubber gaskets on your windows, which will help your windows pull in tighter, provide a weathertight seal, and eliminate water ingress and draughts.

    Yes, we are an accredited glazier and can replace glass sealed units that have blown and become misty between the panes. We can also replace your glazing with like-for-like or upgrade to the latest heat-saving units. 

    Yes, we can replace smashed or cracked glass or provide you with a quotation for insurance if needed.

    We cannot provide a general estimate as the cost will depend on the specific requirements of your project. However, we always strive to provide an affordable service and will quote you based on your individual project’s needs.


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    Plastic Surgery technicians can carry out near invisible repairs to UPVC damaged profile frames, caused either by burglary, burns, screw holes or accidental damage.

    We truly believe that where possible it is better to

    “repair rather than replace”.

    Awarded Best Environmentally Friendly company and winners of the Green Apple and Green Hero’s awards