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    Can Misty Windows
    Be Repaired?

    There are two main causes of misty windows - condensation and mineral deposits. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface and turns into water droplets; because glass is an excellent conductor of heat, it often becomes covered in condensation, especially during times of varying indoor and outdoor temperatures. This is a common issue in older homes with single-pane windows or windows located in humid spots like bathrooms.

    Mineral deposits, on the other hand, stem from water evaporation leaving behind minerals from sources like hard water or soap. Over time, these can accumulate and cloud your glass panels.

    No matter the cause, addressing the issue promptly prevents further problems like water retention in the frame. That's where Plastic Doctor can assist.

    Plastic Doctor's Solutions for Your Misty Windows

    At Plastic Doctor, we tackle foggy window challenges combining knowledge and precision. Our primary method is re-sealing with a window film kit to counteract the fog. If specific sections of your window display fog, we can concentrate on those unit replacements, proving cost-effective.

    For chronic misting, we might recommend our premium sealed glass units. Should issues continue with double-pane windows, transitioning to a single pane could be the solution. Crucially, if you identify a broken window seal contributing to the misting, our proficient team can rectify it with finesse.

    In situations of extensive damage, replacing the whole window might be the most advantageous route. If your windows are dated or multiple panels experience moisture challenges, considering our energy-efficient windows replacement service might be apt. Our solutions are contemporary, energy-conserving, and designed to optimise clarity and reduce heat loss.

    Plastic Doctor has years of experience repairing various windows, doors, and locks, including hazy windows. We're swift, budget-friendly, and seasoned.Got foggy windows? Plastic Doctor is here to help. We're experts in fixing misty windows quickly using the best materials. Our skilled team will have your windows clear and shining in no time. Contact Plastic Doctor today!

    Misted Window Repair East Anglia
    Old Windows


    A sure fire sign of a failed double glazing unit. Condensation on the inside or within your window panes means that your double glazed unit is not performing to the required standard.

    broken windows


    If the glass in your double glazed unit has been smashed, cracked or shattered we can carefully remove it and replace with a new glass pane.

    Faulty Seals


    Faulty seals reduce a window’s insulating capacity. We can remove any old seals and replace with new weather tight seals to insulate your home.

    Broken Handle


    When your locks stick it can be frustrating and inconvenient. If left untreated, they can eventually break and become a security risk.

    Broken Frame


    When your window frame is broken: cracked, warped, faded or chipped, we’ll endeavour to repair it. If it’s not possible to repair we can install a new window unit.


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    Plastic Surgery technicians can carry out near invisible repairs to UPVC damaged profile frames, caused either by burglary, burns, screw holes or accidental damage.

    We truly believe that where possible it is better to

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